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Welcome to the Heart and Mind of a Leader Podcast! Topics discussed are: Leadership, Personal Development, Management, Team Building, Self-Development and Learning, Motivation, Goal Setting, Leadership Attributes and Qualities, Management, Self-Development Skills and Tips, Leadership skills for beginners, and much more. Stay tuned
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Aug 24, 2016
Episode 25 - How to overcome the fear of Public Speaking?

Hey everyone,


In this episode and wanted to explore one of the fears that many people are struggling to overcome, and that is fear of public speaking. I am sharing three-step process to help with overcoming the fear of public speaking, and turn it into something that you actually enjoy and looking forward to.

Don't let the fear of public speaking prevent you from sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. Let you greatness shine wherever you are presenting.

Aug 17, 2016
Episode  24 - What do I really want in life?

Hey everyone,

My apologies for a long pause.

In this episode I am uncovering the question that all of us are asking ourselves as some point in our lives - "What do I really want in life?" Many of us are faced with uncertainty, whether you want to admit it or not.  

In this post I am sharing a question that you can ask yourself,  which took me many years or going through self-reflection sessions and many failures and mistakes that I've made while trying to find the answer to the question same question. This one self-uncovering question  had changed my life and helped me to uncover my passion. Only one question that you need to ask yourself if you are still not happy where you are in life, not happy with your job, or how much money you earn. It took me many long years, until I finally uncovered this one question which helped me see the path that I want to take in my life. Don't wait several  more years asking yourself  what you want in life, begin living the life of your dreams today.


Jul 20, 2016
Episode 23 - Stop living in a fantasy world of your wishes and Procrastination – Hard Work and Extreme Persistence is what’s Required!

Hey everyone,

As I was heading home from vacation, one thought came to my mind, and I asked myself why I haven’t discussed this with my listeners yet. So, I found some sticky notes in my backpack and started writing, until I used up almost all available sticky notes. What I was thinking and writing about was how important and critical hard work and persistence are to everyone’s’ success. Let me know what you think by sending me an email to:

In this episode I am discussing the following points:


  • The importance of really hard work and persistence to get you where you want to be in life
  • How hard work and strong persistence can be underestimated and why many people give up on their goals and dreams
  • Persistence – a way to get from point A to point B
  • Driving force – fuel – that moves you forward
  • Questions to ask yourself before you begin the journey towards your goal
  • My personal example of hard work and persistence
  • Tools, Resources and Action Items to help you along the way

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Jul 6, 2016
Episode 22 - 'Big Picture' thinking and leading

Hey everyone,

In this podcast episode I am addressing the following questions and topics:

What is ‘Big Picture’ way of thinking and how does it apply to leadership?

Discussing standard thinking approach and its usual focus as well as effect on others

When does standard thinking and leading approach is used and why

What is a ‘Big Picture’ analysis and communication style and how it may affect perception

Chess analogy - How does a game of chess relate to the ‘big picture’ thinking and communication

Pro-Active Approach to problem uncovering and solving, how it goes hand in hand with ‘big picture’ ways of thinking and leading


Jun 29, 2016
Running an online business while working full time

Hey everyone, ​

Thank you for investing your valuable time in listening to my show. ​

​Today I want to share how I structure my week for ultimate efficiency running on online business, while working full time. I am sure many of you are finding yourself in very similar situation where you are working 40+ hours each week and not sure how you can possibly start and run your own business online with almost no time left in the day for anything else.

​First, let me tell you that it is certainly possible to work full time and run your own business online during the two days off that you have available, plus some evenings during the week.

​In this episode I am sharing my week with you and how I organize my time to successfully deliver leadership and personal development content to you weekly, while working full time job

Jun 22, 2016
Episode 20 - How to create the life that you want with limited spare time

Hey everyone,

In this podcast episode I've want to speak with you about ways how our own mind dictates us what to do, and in some cases limits us from potentially reaching our goals and life-time dreams. ​

We all have dreams that we want to fulfill in our lives, whether it is opening our own business, advancing in our existing careers, make more money, travel, etc. However, often we find ourselves in the same situation year over year without any significant progress. Why?

​It all has to do with doubts and fears in our own mind, where we create barriers for ourselves, making it seem like there's no way for us to move forward towards reaching our life-time goals, follow our passion, and do what we really love. ​In this episode I am discussing the following:

  • What are some of the challenges that we face on our path to success, and which questions do we typically ask ourselves to re-affirm our mind's guidance
  • What have I done in order to change my life for a better and to follow my passion
  • What is one critical steps that you can take in order to go after your dream and start your own business, even if your spare time that you have at the end of the day is very limited due to working full time
  • Tools that can help you automate parts of your business and organize your week
Jun 15, 2016
Episode 19 - The Importance of Employee Engagement and Feedback

Hey everyone,

In this episode you will learn the following:

  • The reasons why employee engagement is important to any organization
  • How are business leaders of highly engaged teams differ from the ones that are not
  • Sources of critical feedback. How to capitalize on learn from feedback received from customers
  • Who are your internal and external customers. The important of both customer groups for your business
  • 11 steps that you can use to create an environment with high employee engagement
Jun 8, 2016
Episode 18 - The Power of Smile and Positive Energy

In this episode I am sharing the following information with you to help unleash the positive energy that is stored within you:

  • Why do we allow negative energy to accumulate and build up in our mind, which has an effect on how we feel?
  • Are you doing something wrong? Or do you need a different approach to address your concerns, worry and stress?
  • Steps that you can take to remove negative energy from your mind and transfer it to another source
  • Examples of positive affirmation that can be used
  • How would you feel if negative energy that was weighting on you before was replaced with a positive energy?

Show notes and takeaways are available on

May 31, 2016
Episode 17 - What to do if you failed at something that you had attempted to start?

In this episode you will learn the following:

  • What to do if you had failed at something that you had attempted to start?
  • What happens when someone fails at a particular task or project? What is your mind going through when faced with failure?
  • Difference between fixed and growth-focused mindsets
  • 7 Mind re-conditioning questions to ask when dealing with failures
  • Dream to start you own business while working a full time job. It is possible?
  • What are some of the most common barriers that we face before starting our own business and follow our passion in life, and ways to overcome them
May 25, 2016

In this episode I am discussing the reasons and sharing some examples why it is important to study successful people, and never stop learning for a leader

Some of the questions that I address are:

  • Why is continuous learning is a requirement for a leadership and personal development
  • Is there ever a stopping point in self-development and growth
  • Why is it critical to stay current with ever-changing business environment and how can one benefit greatly from staying information and knowledge hungry
  • What resources are available to us today in order to expand and grow our knowledge daily

I am passionate about continuous learning and development and I am explaining the reasons why in this episode.

For show notes, please visit


May 18, 2016
Episode 15 - How to have a difficult conversation

In this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • Challenges in having difficult conversations
  • Why difficult conversations are necessary
  • What are some examples of difficult conversations
  • What are some challenges you may be experiencing in preparation to have a difficult conversation with another person
  • Why delivering positive feedback is much easier than having a negative/constructive feedback session
  • What are some benefits of having constructive feedback conversations with employees, business leaders, peers
  • What steps can you take in order to turn negative difficult conversation into productive and action-oriented with a positive focus?
  • How can you go from feeling nervous and unprepared to confident and knowledgeable by following few simple steps?

20 Steps to prepare and conduct an effective conversation, regardless of its complexity

May 11, 2016
Episode 14 - How to Develop and Lead a Self-Managed Team

In this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • How to reach the point when your team and business are self-managed and your focus is to lead them and big picture analysis and guidance
  • What mistake do many business leader make in reference to the team management. How this mistake can be uncovered and addressed
  • Who are the drivers of your – leader’s – vision
  • How investment in your team members’ development leads to the development of a self-managed team
  • The importance of explaining ‘WHY’ as part of the vision communication by a leader. How critical it is in successful team development and leadership
  • Why is it important for a leader to put themselves in the shoes of their team members

10 different ways or steps that leader may take in order to build a self-managed team and business

May 4, 2016

In this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • What is perception
  • Why perception is a such an important part of a leadership, personal and professional development
  • How correct or incorrect perception is created
  • Why do we create potentially incorrect perception of someone based on our observations
  • Looking at and understanding your own perception
  • How does one learns about and addresses incorrect perception of himself or herself
  • What are some of the ways to an effective Perception Management. Explaining some of the perception management techniques that you can take to address incorrect perception of yourself
Apr 27, 2016
Episode 12: Daily Positive Mind-Setting

In this episode you will learn the following:

  • What may happen if you allow negative thoughts or emotions to take over you mind
  • What is the first important step in overcoming negativity
  • Two primary ways to be exposed to negative energy
  • How can our own mind become our source of negative energy, and what to do about it
  • Negative people = Negative Thoughts = Negative Results concept and explanation
  • What are some of the ways to keep positively-focused mind and keep negative thoughts out or your head
    • Discussing  four different ways to overcome negativity and re-focus your mind with positive energy
Apr 20, 2016
Episode 11: The Importance of Constructive Feedback

Hey everyone,

In this episode you will learn the following:

Why it is important to give and receive a constructive feedback/criticism

  • Owning your own development vs. expecting for someone to own your development
  • Why is constructive feedback/criticism is important for your personal and professional development, and what it helps to uncover
  • What does you own ego have to do with receiving and being open to constructive feedback/criticism
  • Explaining some of the steps that you may take to receive constructive feedback that you need on the regular basis
  • Discussing the one critical part of constructive feedback process



Apr 13, 2016
Episode 10: Motivation Roadblocks and Ways to Overcome Them

Hello everyone,

In this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • Struggles that we all face with motivation throughout our life
  • How to restore the same drive and motivation that you had prior in order to do whatever it takes to reach your goals and dreams
  • Why you should not give up, simply because you temporarily lost your motivation
  • Ways to overcome motivation roadblocks, finding your passion and keep going
Apr 6, 2016

In this episode you will learn the following:

  • What is fear of failure and why we are so often being controlled by it
  • How the choice that we make may determine the outcome and potentially our future
  • How opportunities can be missed as result of indecision and fear of failure and what happens if you continue to allow the fear of failure to dictate your actions and decisions
  • What does listening to your mind and your heart (“gut feel”) have to do with overcoming fear of failure
  • How can one overcome the fear of failure
Mar 30, 2016
Episode 8: Work and Family Balance - Why is it important? - by Alex Kheyson

In this podcast you will learn the following:

  • Challenges of creating and maintaining work/family balance in challenging business environment
  • Difference between salary versus hourly employment type and ways to prioritize tasks/projects in order to effectively manage and schedule your time
  • How to create more balance between your very busy work life and to spend more time with your family and friends
  • Advantages of taking time off and refresh
Mar 21, 2016

In this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • Why so many people today struggle with lack of active listening
  • Real-life examples of inactive listening
  • How modern technology affects our ability to actively listen to others
  • What are some of the negative impacts of inactive listening behaviors
  • Simple steps to improve active listening skills at work and at home
  • Benefits of active listening
Mar 20, 2016

In this podcast episode you will learn the following:

  • Why is perception management is such an important attribute for a successful leader
  • How perception given out is received by others. Perception versus reality discussion
  • Incorrect perception can effect individual and team's performance if not managed correctly
  • Overcoming own ego and reaching out for feedback in order to improve personally an address potentially incorrect perception with others
  • Improving employee engagement through perception management
  • Importance of learning and owning your opportunity areas as a leader
Mar 12, 2016

Hey Everyone,

In this podcast episode  I am discussing the following:

  • Understanding the difference in communication/coaching styles
  • Recognizing different information acceptance preferences
  • Overcoming lack of employee coaching retention and implementation
  • Direct versus Indirect communication preference by different people and ways to adapt
  • Overcoming your ego and asking 'WHY?"
  • Ways to improve employee information/feedback sharing with you as their leader
  • Uncovering and recognizing the need to change your communication preference
  • Addressing perception management
Jan 18, 2016
Episode 4  - From Theory into Practice - Effective Knowledge Application and Easy to Follow Goal Setting Techniques

In this episode I am answering one of the questions that many leaders ask themselves - How do I transfer the theories and information that I had learned through various training sessions, seminars, conferences, webinars into practice? Additionally, I am sharing effective knowledge applications and Easy to Follow Goal Setting Techniques

Dec 24, 2015

Hi everyone,

In this podcast episode I am sharing my personal story of overcoming obstacles in my journey of becoming a better leader. This journey started in 1998 when I came to the United States from Ukraine, where I was born and raised, without knowing a single word of English. Today, I am helping others who inspire to become better leaders to unlock their true potential and uncovering the leader within them. I always wanted to share my passion for leadership and personal development with others and that is why I have started the Please join me on the journey in the exciting world of leadership and personal development and become the leader that you always inspired to be.

Dec 13, 2015

Hey everyone,

In episode 2 of the Team and Personal Development Podcast Series I am discussing Effective Delegation.

Questions answered in this episode are:

  • Why is effective delegation so important in successful team management?
  • What is an effective delegation and how it should be utilized?
  • Which topics should be covered in your delegation meeting?

Establishing clear and detailed project completion expectations, as well as project follow-up schedule and weekly checkpoints.

People development is another important part of effective delegation. This many other points are covered in this episode.

Nov 23, 2015

n this podcast episode I am discussing team building and trust as part of team & personal development/organization podcast series.

Questions answered in this episode and topics addressed:

  • Difference in managing a group of 2-3 people vs. a group of 50+ 
  • What type of leader are you and how you manage/lead your team(s)?
  • Different managing/leadership styles. What is your leadership style?
  • Where do you start in people development? What are your first steps?
  • How do you establish trust with others?
  • When is the appropriate time to share your vision with a team?
  • Obstacles that you may face while working on establishing trust with your team and ways to overcome them.
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